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Hailing from New York City via Austin Texas,ASH GRAY and the GIRLS with their vibrant stage presence and emphasis on vocals and harmony bring back the days of big backing vocals with a modern twist. Somewhere between the Mamas and the Papas,The Stones and the White Stripes, the band features punchy two and three minute songs that use simple percussion,acoustic guitar and vocals.

Singer Songwriter,Ash Gray, after coming to New York from Austin Texas put together the group to indulge his love for 60's and 70's vocal harmony and trade out the bombast of his experience with previous rock bands and the more subdued approach of Americana for something different - "I wanted to bring back a little of the era of the 45 again", he explains " with so much less emphasis on AOR these days in the age of the MP3 I thought it would be cool to focus on individual songs again as single entitys."

The band is currently in the studio capturing their new retro sound for a late summer release.

"An intrepid folk-pop quintet that is engaging in it's presence and musicality"-Josh Stein-Coffee News of New York City

"Frighteningly catchy" - Gerry Ranson-Bucketful of Brains